Buying a Property

They say that finding a house is the easy part. Well of course it is. Sealing the deal is the difficult part but we at ‘John McHugh Auctioneer’ are here to help. When you have seen a house that might be suitable arrange for a viewing. And then, if you want, arrange a second viewing, we are here to cater for the needs of our customers. If the house ticks all your boxes and you wish to make a bid you do so with us, the estate agent.

There may be bids from other clients on the same property. If your bid is accepted by the vendor this is not binding until formal contracts have been issued and signed by both parties. In that respect it is important that both finance and a solicitor is in place to ensure a speedy completion so you can get your hands on the keys!


The first thing needed to buy a new house is finance. For most people this means securing a mortgage offer. Whether you are starting out on the property ladder or moving up the rungs the likelihood is that you will need a mortgage of some description. There are many types of mortgage available from interest only, repayment, to 100%. Understandably all this financial lingo can be confusing. It is important therefore to get good sound advice and we recommend that you go to a few mortgage advisors or providers and see what is on offer and establish what package is best suited to your needs.
Once a mortgage provider has been established and a mortgage offer secured the lender will arrange for a survey to be carried out on the property you wish to buy. Assuming all this go to plan and your offer is accepted contracts can be drawn up and exchanged.


And speaking of contracts another key aspect of buying a house is choosing the right solicitor. Solicitors can baffle the brain with legal speak but it is important to choose a solicitor that you trust. It is vital when buying a house that your solicitor dots all the i’s and crosses all the t’s because you do not want any nasty surprises when it comes to re sale. A less than thorough examination of survey and deeds by your solicitor will only hit your pocket in the long term.